Kids Racewear

Parents want their children to be safe at all times!. Motorsport is one of the most dangerous sports anyone can participate in, so choosing the right equipment is very important.


The helmet should conform to BSA and any MSA standards, do NOT buy lower quality items! its not worth the saving. Helmets should also be a snug fit, if its too tight it will be very uncomfortable, and if its too slack it could be dangerous as its not offering maximum protection.

Racing Gloves:

Gloves not only keep the hands safe but also provide the needed grip during cornering. A good set of gloves will provide you with the added protection and last for a long period of time. Personally i have found leather gloves offer the best protection and steeringwheel grip which can also withstand the tough conditions of touching hot engines, oil and fuel spils etc.

Race Boots:

Race boots should protect the feet and ankles during racing, a good set of race boots will allow the driver to have maximum grip on the pedals. The last thing you want is for your feet to be slipping during a wheel to wheel battle with your competitors.

Race Suit:

The race suit should be the second biggest investment when it comes to racewear. A good racesuit will not only last your youngster but it will protect him/her should they be unfortunate to have an incident. A good race suit will protect against abrasions, fuel spills possibly even hot oil and fires.

Rib Protector:

There isnt really much protection for a driver when karting and your sides take a battering, even when your just going through a corner. After a day of touching kerbs, a few off's and possible collisions you can be left feeling bruised, or even worse should there be a more serious incident (Fingers crossed there isnt). A rib protector will give the driver much more protection and comfort during a practice or race session. Ive seen a few different styles of  protectors on the market, some protecting just the sides, others covering the back, sides, front and even in some cases your shoulders. They are definately worth the investment in my honest oppinion!

Neck support:

A neck support not only reduces whiplash injuries but they also help take the weight of the helmet of the drivers neck, which to a youngster can be somewhat tiring. Another fantastic piece of racewear that i wouldnt have my son without!

If your on a budget, you could buy second hand. There are loads of karting related sites that host classifieds, allowing you to post a wanted ad.

Make sure you check all racewear before parting with your cash, and if your not collecting the item in person always pay with paypal so you have some buyer protection.